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We are the leading seller of Army platoon terrain model kits, OPORD/WARNORD shells, and laminated SMART Cards.

Terrain Model Kits

Weatherproof, durable, and useful Army platoon/squad terrain model kits.

Order Shells

Designed for the field, weatherproof, and comprehensive OPORD/WARNORD shells.

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Special Update! (24NOV21). Fortunately, we have been extremely successful at disrupting the market for our core products and have had over 678 happy customers since we started in 2017! Unfortunately, our competitors are taking notice as their sales continue to decline. Some have adjusted their products by copying our designs to compete, which we welcome as ultimately Soldiers everywhere will benefit. However, recently a competitor began a targeted campaign on Amazon to leave low star reviews on our OPORD Shell. We have identified the competitor and are seeking action with Amazon, but Amazon has a very strict policy against removing consumer reviews. Lest anyone be persuaded by these fake reviews, we are reiterating that we completely stand by all of our products and if you are unhappy in any way with them, please contact us and we will make it right! Thank you again for your business and best of luck!

“This is exactly what you need as a PL.” – Josh, NY

“Everyone in my platoon kept asking to use my TMK because it was so much better than what they brought.” – Sarah, WI

“Highly recommend the OPORD Shell.” – Mike, VA