3x Individual Soldier SMART Card Pack

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3x Individual Soldier SMART Card Pack

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TC3 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) SMART Card

The TC3 SMART card provides a simple refresher to review during down time or as part of Aid & Litter Rehearsals. All of the knowledge contained on this card is common to all Soldiers. However, if you are your SQD’s CLS or designated on the A&L team, then it would be beneficial to conduct a rehearsal of what you are going to do once you find a casualty.

Dismounted Hand & Arm Signals SMART Card

The dismounted hand & arm signals provides a quick refresher of the most commonly used for a light infantry platoon. This SMART card allows a quick review or even a last second check when noise discipline is of the utmost importance.

Individual PCC Checklist SMART Card

The Individual Pre-Combat Check (PCC) Checklist SMART card is a list of everything an individual Soldier needs to check prior to going to the field or leaving the PB to start a mission. In addition, it serves as a helpful reminder for what TLs and SLs should check on their Soldiers. Use the blank space to the right of the item to mark off checked Soldiers and/or add your own items!

Weapons Ranges SMART Card

This card serves as a quick refresher of the symbols, ranges, MG rates of fire, and engagement techniques of common weapons systems. Use this card as quick reminder when needed.

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