4-in-1 Laminated SMART Card

What you will receive:

  • Laminated, foldable SMART Card
  • 4 Fillable formats (MEDEVAC, SALUTE, LACE, Range Card)
  • 1 Black Ultra Fine Permanent Sharpie

4-in-1 Laminated Army SMART Card

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Please note that this is already included in our Platoon TMK.


The 9 line MEDEVAC SMART Card is a must have for any Soldier or training event. Thorough training will always included receiving casualties, moving through Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and culminating with requesting MEDEVAC. More importantly, speed and accuracy in sending this request could be the difference between life and death for a battle buddy.


The SALUTE report stands for Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, and Equipment and is the standard format used to report enemy information. However, should you not find yourself needing the SALUTE format exactly, feel free to use the abundant white space to write whatever notes you need.


After AOO or any contact, TLs will collect LACE (Liquids, Ammo, Casualties, Equipment) reports from their Soldiers and SLs will consolidate both teams reports. Our included LACE format allows a sizeable block for consolidation of however your unit reports LACE (# of mags/canteens, as a %, or as a color). Popping this SMART card out of your pocket or admin pouch to record the reports ensures accuracy in reporting status and the proper redistribution of ammo and water.

Range Card SMART Card

One thing every Soldier will need to do on a regular basis is generate a Range Card, whether as a part of a sector sketch in a Patrol Base, a MG position, S&O, and/or LP/OP. Having a laminated Range Card available and ready is instrumental in being able to do this efficiently and effectively.

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