Best Army Field Stools and Best Camping Stools

Thinking about buying a camping stool/chair or Army field stool? Stop thinking about it and just buy it. For $20 your ass will thank you day in and day out.

You may be wondering “Do I need a camping stool? Do I need an Army field stool?” Yes! Yes! And in case that wasn’t clear: YES! Your only questions should be what is the most comfortable Army field stool, what is the smallest Army field stool, what is the most durable Army field stool, and what is the easiest to carry Army field stool. Those are the qualities that matter most in your Army field stool or camping stool: comfort, size, durability, and ability to carry in the field.

Luckily for you, we have interviewed hundreds of infantry Soldiers in order to identify the best camping and field stools according to the above criteria. While this list was made specifically for Soldiers going to the field, it is applicable for camping as well. However, if you are a camper and not a Soldier, you can give less weight to the ability to carry the stool on a rucksack or assault pack. If you are looking for a hiking stool, I would pay close attention! Soldiers going to the field and hikers have similar stool needs!

Best Overall Value

LUCKY CUP Folding Stool Fishing Stool Portable Camping Stool Portable Stool Telescopic Stool Camping Folding Stool for Travel Hiking Gardening Picnic Beach BBQ Outdoor Activities


Best Overall Comfort

Camp Time Jumbo Stool, Chair Height Sitting Comfort, 300 Pound Capacity, Elegant Folding Design, 1.6 pounds with Shoulder Strap, USA Made


Best for Portability and Size

Kusen Retractable Folding Stool,Portable Camping Travel Stool olds up 330 Lbs Lightweight for Outdoor Activities BBQ Fishing Hiking Gardening and Beach Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Kids or Adults


Best Overall Durability

Folding Stool 17.8 Height, Super Strong Heavy Duty Outdoor Portable Folding Chair Hold up to 600 lbs, Unfold Size 13.9(L) x14.3(W) x17.8(H) Inch Pack of One (Large)


Dont trust us? No problem, check out the list of best selling Army field stools, hiking stools, backpacking stools, and camping stools on Amazon.

Best Army Field Stool

The best Army field stools are those that are comfortable, the right size, durable, and portable. Above we made our pick for best overall value Army Field Stool and Camping Stool.

Most Comfortable Army Field Stool

The most comfortable Army field stools are any that are more comfortable than the ground or your rucksack, since those are your alternatives! Above we made our pick for most comfortable Army Field Stool and Camping Stool.

Easiest to Carry Army Field Stool

Being able to secure your Army field stool quickly to your gear cannot be overstated. You will want to be able to deploy and secure your stool in under sixty seconds so simplicity and compactness are important! Above we made our pick for easiest to carry Army Field Stool and Camping Stool.

Most Durable Army Field Stool

You want a stool that is going to hold your weight and not collapse after a few uses! Above we made our pick for most durable Army Field Stool and Camping Stool.

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