Best Gifts for An Army ROTC Cadet 2020

You have a friend or family member who is an Army ROTC Cadet, but you just are not sure what the perfect gift would be? Someone who has made the decision to serve this country and take a non-traditional college path as an Army ROTC Cadet is at least deserving of a thoughtful Christmas present, birthday gift, graduation gift, and/or just cause gift!

We have taken the liberty to sift through thousands of possible gifts for an Army ROTC Cadet and narrow it down to just a handful for each occasion! You will be able to pick the perfect graduation gift for an Army ROTC Cadet or rather newly commissioned Army officer!

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Best Graduation Gifts for Army ROTC Cadets 2020

Band of Brothers Book and/or Film Set

Price: $15-$55


Full Band of Brothers DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming/Digital Set and the Band of Brothers Book! This is one of the most inspirational stories in American military history, which has been greatly popularized by the HBO mini-series. Purchase both the book and video series so that your Army ROTC Cadet can get the full experience. The series can be purchased in a variety of formats for between $10-40 and a new copy of the book between $8-15.

U.S. Military Prayer Coin and/or U.S. Army Prayer Challenge Coin

Price: $13-$29


Either one, or both, of these U.S. Army Prayer Challenge Coin and U.S. Military Prayer Coin would be a perfect graduation gift for an Army ROTC Cadet. This would be a small memento that your Soldier could take with them wherever duty may call them to go.

Best Christmas Gifts for Army ROTC Cadets 2020

U.S. Army Christmas Ornament(s)

Price: $7-$19


Simply click on your favorite U.S. Army Christmas ornament above to be taken to it! Any of these ornaments would make an ideal Christmas gift for your Army Cadet. Allow your Soldier the pleasure of displaying their career, lifestyle, and service year after year on their Christmas tree!

Pocket Knife

Price: $12

Believe me, if there is one thing a Soldier cannot have enough of, it is a pocket knife! This pocket knife will be utilized for a variety of purposes as an Army ROTC Cadet and a commissioned officer. Unfortunately, every Soldier knows all too well that losing a knife in the field during an FTX is a matter of when, not if. A great Christmas gift for your Army Cadet that would allow them to live by the Army adage that ‘Two is One and One is None!’

Best Birthday Gifts for Army ROTC Cadets 2020

Staedtler Permanent, Super-Fine Map Marker Set

Price: $12

If you are thinking to yourself, why on Earth would a gift for an Army ROTC Cadet be permanent markers, then you probably have not been an Army ROTC Cadet! These are the top of the line map markers so that your Cadet or Soldier can plot points and draw operational graphics without fearing smearing from sweat or rain! Trust me, this is a MUST have!

Rite in the Rain Set

Price: $56

We end with another must have item! The whole family of Rite in the Rain products are excellent gifts for an Army ROTC Cadet, but this Rite in the Rain Set is the full package, coming with: Something to write with, something to write on, and somewhere to keep it all organized, plus handy field reference cards! Rite in the Rain material prevents writing from coming off, smearing, or being destroyed by water, sweat, grease, and mud! There are a variety of cheaper options available, and you can simply click the above link and select just a notebook or pen set!

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