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About Us: We are a veteran owned business based in Ohio. I created these products because other TMKs and OPORD shells available on the market just didn’t meet the Army standard. As a prior service infantryman, I knew what was expected of a dismounted infantry platoon. I created these products and have used them on active duty since 2014 and during CST in 2019. I remember all of the questions I had on my mind when I first enlisted and commissioned. Since then, I have commissioned as a Medical Services Officer and I would be happy to assist you any way I can.

Return/Refund Policy: We will issue a replacement product at no cost to you in the event the USPS fails to deliver your product or delivers it damaged. If you are unhappy with your product, we will refund your purchase price in full upon return of the product to verify it is in unused condition.

FREE Shipping: Free shipping advertised on the website is for United States and territories only. International orders will require a payment of shipping at cost.

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