Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit

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Welcome to our Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit! You can always add to, but never take away! Currently the Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit is only available on ebay but will be on Amazon soon, we apologize for the inconvenience.

EBAY: Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit

With this model, we include the basic Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit, but we have added a set of plastic Army figures to simulate a light infantry platoon. The figures will allow you to designate 3 x Infantry Rifle Squads (breakable into fire teams), 2 x 240B Machine Gun Teams, 1 x PL, 1 x PSG, 1 x Misc Friendly Infantry Team or Squad or attachment, and 6 x Enemy Squads or Teams. The friendly and enemy will come in opposite colors to eliminate confusion!


In addition, we have included four laminated, double-sided SMART cards. These SMART cards cover PCC/PCIs, Patrol Bases, Raids, Ambushes, Tasks/Operations/Purposes, Weapons Ranges, LDA crossings, and a 9 Line MEDEVAC request. These SMART cards were taken directly from the Ranger Handbook or Center for Army Lessons Learned, which were used by the Cadre Instructors at Advanced Camp, Ranger School, and IBOLC. These SMART cards ensure that you do not forget anything mission essential for the above tasks and they fit in your OCP pocket!






Lastly, we have included 14 strands of yarn (8 x yellow, 4 x red, 2 x blue) to use to identify grid squares, major roads, or other terrain/cultural features of military significance. If need be, we would be happy to include extra yarn in your order.

With the Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit, you get the benefit of additional preparation to make your leadership experience easier. While the basic Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit will definitely get the job done, the deluxe offers you additional aids to enhance the effectiveness of your briefing and leadership experience.

EBAY: Deluxe Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit

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