Squad Leader OPORD Shell

What you will receive:

  • Weatherproof, Pocket-Sized Five Paragraph OPORD Shell (12 Double Sided Cards)
  • Weatherproof, Pocket-Sized US Army Infantry Small Unit SMART Card formatted into your OPORD Shell
  • 1 Black Ultra Fine Permanent Sharpie

US Army Platoon/Squad Leader Weatherproof OPORD Shell (ROTC, Infantry)

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This is a US Army OPORD shell for an infantry squad leader. This OPORD shell is based off of the US Army’s Infantry School smart card for small unit infantry leaders which covers operations orders at the platoon and squad level. The examples in the OPORD come directly from what is taught to Infantry BOLC students at Fort Benning. This information was last updated by the US Army in 2019. Here is a link to the US Army’s Infantry Reference Card for Small Unit Leaders on which this OPORD shell is based.

You should purchase this OPORD shell if you are an infantry squad leader or an Army ROTC cadet. This product takes information made available by the Army and packages into a field useful way.

The OPORD Shell is completely weatherproof and fits securely into an OCP pant cargo pocket. The shell is designed to flip like a book so that you can write your order while viewing the doctrinal example.

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Is an Army OPORD Shell the Right Choice for You?

An Army OPORD Shell is the right choice for you if you are a ROTC Cadet, Soldier, IBOLC student, Ranger candidate, or Army leader of any kind. An Army OPORD Shell is a field friendly way to take relevant information from the operation order and communicate it to your subordinates.

How to Use an Army OPORD Shell

The OPORD Shell should be utilized when receiving an order from your leader. Utilizing the open space, examples, and five paragraph format enables you to sync with your higher HQ’s order, but make enough notes to “flip” the order to what your subordinates need to know. Our Shell has blank space for note taking so that you do not need to erase and redo existing portions of your order. In addition, it allows you to draw out a terrain model of your operation.

Army Operations Order Skeleton Styles

There are many style of Army OPORD Skeletons. Almost all feature some sort of lamination that enables them to be weatherproof and written on with permanent marker. Ours is completely weatherproof and will not come off in water, but a dab of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol will make it good as new. Many leaders choose larger, more comprehensive OPORD skeletons, but for the platoon level and below, much of the space is wasted. Carrying larger OPORD skeletons is bulky and inconvenient, which is why we designed this specifically for platoon, squad, and team leaders. Our OPORD shell is designed to conveniently fit into your cargo pocket, assault pack, or front flap/sustainment pouch of your rucksack for easy reference.

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