Standard 48 Piece Army Platoon TMK

This is a 48 piece Terrain Model Kit for the platoon level. This Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit was specifically designed based on feedback from ROTC Cadets at Advanced Camp CST 2018, but is applicable for any Army FTX, Ranger School, and/or IBOLC. The four things Cadets said they wanted from their TMK was that it was weatherproof, durable, small/easy to carry, and detailed, but not too specific. Each piece will come laminated and cut as shown in the photo. These pieces can each be written on with permanent map marker and will remain completely weatherproof! I highly recommend taping pennies to the back of the pieces to prevent them from blowing away. A complementary roll of 50 pennies will be provided with your purchase. If there are any additional questions or any custom pieces/colors etc. needed please contact me! This TMK would be perfect for ROTC Advanced Camp, FTXes, IBOLC, Ranger school, or regular Army field problems. Thank you! This product is also available for purchase on ebay.

Standard Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit

Weatherproof, laminated, durable, and lightweight 48 Piece Army Platoon Terrain Model Kit.


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